Adabiya Port

A Gateway to Eastern Trade: A Comprehensive Guide to Al Adabiya Port


 ميناء الادبية (Al Adabiya Port) is located in the main commercial center of Egypt. Located on the Red Sea coast, the port has gained importance over the years and has become an important election center due to its proximity to the Suez Canal. Its unique position on international trade routes and easy access to Cairo makes it an important location for many activities, including export, import, export, and all types of maritime industry. In this guide, we will examine the importance of al adabiya port egypt and examine its significance for international trade.

History of Al Adabiya Port

The development of ميناء الادبية(Adabiya Port) in Egypt is an important moment for the country. It started operating in the 1970s as an export point for phosphates mined in Egypt’s eastern desert. The port has undergone many reforms and expansions over the years and has become a modern and valuable international business meeting place.

Best Location of Adabiya Port

Located just 12 kilometers south of India, ميناء الادبية(Adabiya Port) is the landmark ميناء السويس(suez port)  benefiting from its unique location. Close to the Suez Canal. The region is considered the main gateway to international trade between Europe, Asia, and Africa. Millions of tons of goods are transported through this waterway every year, providing significant economic benefits to the region.

Infrastructure and Facilities

ميناء الادبية(Adabiya Port) covers an area of ​​approximately 3.25 million square meters, with a total dock length of approximately 4.5 kilometers and a water depth of 10 to 12 meters. Containers can accommodate various types of cargo, including liquid goods, dry goods, and general cargo. The port has eight berths and state-of-the-art infrastructure such as ship-to-shore cranes, mobile cranes, and container yards.

The Adabiya Port is equipped with 24-hour customs facilities, computerized customs facilities, a customs clearance system, and special quarantine facilities. In addition, the port is well-connected thanks to the construction of roads and railways that allow ship provisions supply to be transported efficiently in and out of the port.

Adabiya Port Code is EGADA, the unique identifier of the port in international transportation. It is important to send customs information, shipping costs, and related information.

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Major Events and Business Activities

Due to its good works and modern facilities, al adabiya port egypt attracts many businesses and individuals interested in shipping, including:

* Imports and exports of various products, including agricultural products, raw materials, and finished products.

* Transport, export, and delivery services to ensure the smooth loading, unloading, and transfer of goods onto ships and various modes of transport.

  • Ship repair and maintenance companies, capitalizing on Damietta Port’s strategic location, provide essential services to the maritime industry.

In addition, the port plays an important role in the handling of electricity, gas, and other energy products in Egypt’s energy sector. In addition, the port’s natural gas is attractive to energy companies considering investing in Egypt.

Development and Future Development

Al Adabiya Port Egypt Authority recognized the need for improvement and expansion to maintain its position as a good business center. Over the years, the port has made significant improvements in infrastructure, dredging, dock expansion, and more. These projects are part of the long-term strategy to increase the capacity of the port, facilitate freight transportation, and meet the needs of the international road market which are growing rapidly.

Adabiya Port’s future development plans include new facilities for handling containers, bulk cargo, and ro-ro vessels. These projects, including the development of trading ports in Egypt, will ensure the continued growth and expansion of the port’s activities, reinforcing its importance in the Egyptian and international maritime sectors.


The selected location, current situation – best locations, and the overall services offered by ميناء الادبية(Adabiya Port) make it an important factor in the international maritime industry. Its proximity to the ميناء السويس(suez port) and the Suez Canal further enhances its important role in international trade and shipping. With its ongoing development and expansion plans, al adabiya egypt port is expected to continue to be one of Egypt’s most important ports and a major maritime hub in the region.

What is the code for Adabiya Port in Egypt?

The Adabiya port code in Egypt is EGADA. It’s also known by UN/Locode as EGADA.

How many trading ports are there in Egypt?

The exact number of trading ports in Egypt is not publicly available, but some major ones include ميناء الادبية(Adabiya Port), ميناء السويس(suez port), El Dekheila Port, Alexandria Port, and Damietta Port. These ports handle a significant portion of Egypt’s international trade.